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About Scottrade Online Trading

imageYou can find and research about Scottrade and being the best when it comes to discounted brokers. You can really say that it excels in this industry. The company offers the most competitive trading investment to clients. You can also say that it has the best service where you can always ask for their help from customer services or can be easily located due to 100 office networks around states. The transaction per trade is only $7 and it doesn’t hurt to any investor or trader. Everything is in Scottrade sign in page. The company also offers another deal than 7$ per trade. There also additional $1.25 per contract. Still it’s not that expensive with Scottrade.


What to expect when opening an account?

You can find numerous platforms that the company offers to their clients. The platforms depends on the people who want to invest and what it comfortable to them. You can always access the company through their website where you will not be required to download it. Scottrade also has a Mobile app where a trader or investor can request if he or she wants to conduct transaction using mobile phones or any device. This is very important when traveling.


What are the benefits?

There are many benefits that the company can offer. One would be that Scottrade offers their clients advices regarding how you can improve your strategies when exchanging or buying stocks. There are also thousands of tools very helpful to clients that accessible online. It’s the tools that other professionals also use. It is easy to find Scottrade where there are 100 office branches in all United States you will not have difficulty locating it.


This site tells you about Scottrade. If you decide for Scottrade, go to their website now and sign up for your own account.

How to Connect Your Other Email ID to Gmail

image If you have a small and starting business, you may not have the money to afford yet a paid webmail service. But of course, you want to put the name of your business to make it professional and very interesting to others. Fortunately, you can use your Gmail account and setup a business email account for your company. In this way, you can send emails through your Gmail but the email ID appearing is the email ID of your company. You can setup it for free. The good about it is when you are not home with your desktop or laptop, you can use Gmail in your mobile to send emails. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to the Control Panel of your domain and compose a mail forwarding account on your domain. Most of it will be free to do this task.
  2. Next, go to Gmail sign in page and login.
  3. Locate the Setting of your account. It is found at the top right part of the web page.
  4. Click the Setting. Find the Accounts and Imports tab.
  5. Look for the “Check mail using POP3” and then click the “Add POP3 Email Account”. Type the email address of the account you desire to access and then click Next Step button.
  6. Then, you can check in the sample settings for the account details you entered are correct. Enter your password.
  7. You will now be presented with two options after checking, your emails will be deleted on your other account or just save the copy on the server.
  8. Press Add Account.
  9. Lastly, create “Custom from Address”. Now you can compose message using Gmail. But the email address will appear the other email account you added.

You are now done with the task. You can now send emails and your business email ID will appear.  Still don’t have a Gmail account? Go now here at