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How to Enroll at My Premier Credit Card?

Some people are not aware about the expenses they acquired of having a credit card. But with First Premier Bank, clients can register their card at online. In this way, they can track and manage the expenses they have using the credit card. This is to avoid bigger bills that an individual may have difficulty paying. Online account enables you also to pay bills. So once you have your premier credit card, you must register it online immediately.image2

What to get before signing up?

  1. You should pay the online service charge just one occasion that value $4.95 only.
  2.  You additionally have a computer with steady connection to the internet.

Enrollment Steps of Your Credit Card

  1.  Simply just open up your internet browser and next to visit to the internet site at Subsequently, whenever on the website, click the “Enroll” key so that you can initiate the enrollment method.
  2. Enter the details asked of the website upon you that features your complete name, account number, your SSS number, the card number, the expiration date, zip code of your billing address, phone number, the three digits number at the back.
  3. You must also establish your unique chosen account information. Email address contact info is essential so type in which you currently use.
  4. Now, just click “Continue”. You will get a affirmation email that contains info which you have easily made your profile.
  5.  You can right away login in your fresh account and look after it. When you aren’t presently a first timer, it is possible to ignore the signing up part and obtain your profile. Just sign in your username and password.

Having online account enables you to see updates anytime and manage your expenses and bills easily. So register now your card.

How to Change Your Hotmail Security Question?

Microsoft has its own web-based email that is open to all for free. You can even use the email address of Hotmail to access the Office Live and windows Live Messenger which are both products of Microsoft. You can read more at In case you have your own Hotmail account and have forgotten your password, you can always reset it by just answering the security question you have chosen upon registration. But what if you want to change the security question? If you want to do this process, you need to know your Hotmail password first. To maintain security in your account changing it might be a good idea.

Here are the steps:image

  1. Open the web URL of Hotmail on your web browser. Sign in your account using your own username and password on the fields provided at login page.
  2. Once you are login, just click the “Option” button which you can be found at the right upper part of the page. You can easily see the location just below your user ID. Then, click “More Options” at the drop-down menu.
  3. You can edit your account information such as your security question by clicking the link which says “Manage Your Account” area. You will see a link name “View and Edit your personal information”.
  4. Just click the “Change” button underneath the “Question” listed just on the section of “password reset information”. Input the password you have currently on your account so you can select your own question. Select the question and then input the answer on the field provided. Then, click the “Save” button so the new selected question and answer will be saved.


  1. Select a question that you can easily remember when the time comes that you forgot your password and you must reset it.
  2. Make sure also that the question will not be easily guessed by other people.
  3. You can change questions the same time you change your password for a better security of your account.

If you still don’t have an account, you can always visit sign up page for more information.