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What are Benefits for Inmate Using CorrLinks Program?

Do you miss someone inside the prison? You can now contact the person through CorrLinks. As long as the inmates are subscribing with the service and have their own account, you can ask for an invitation anytime at Why there are many inmates using this email program?image

  1. This program is faster than going to the traditional email. You want to get messages from your loved ones as much as possible right? But sometimes snail mail could not reach prisons. That is why this program is the best solution where individuals can get in touch to people they want to hear news. With the minimal service fee, you can send multiple emails to individual. Just access it using the registry number provided by the system.
  2. This program will assure authentic messages. The best about this program is that no junk emails sent to your inbox. This the safest and easy way to send and received emails. It can handle large traffics of emails yet trustworthy enough to keep your information private.
  3. This program is easy to use. It is very simple for registering and establishing contact list. All you need is an email address and the identification code given to you, the account can now be accessed and you can add contact with the inmate number. You can also establish email alerts every time you received an email from the inside.
  4. This program protects your emails. There are admins who will control the flow of emails send and received. Those only with the invitation can register and access the program. Without invitation, you will be put in unauthorized access. It has the ability to block or approve once email when sent on the program.

Visit now Corrlinks email sign in page to access your account and send emails anytime.