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What Are The Features of Kik App Messenger?

Kik messenger is another mobile application that you can use when you want to talk to your friends, loved ones and family. As long as you have your own Kik login account. Just like other messenger mobile app, there are many features it offers to users. So what are the features?image

  • Notify you for new messages and updates. Whenever you get a message or invitations, you may be alerted at the smartphone.
  • It will not charge you upon registration. This is among the finest features that this messenger offers to people is that it will not cost This means that you’ll be able to chat, send text and sms to your friends and relatives without spending even a single cent.
  • Update status anytime you want. Also you can place status in your account including if you are bored, angry, joyful or sad. If you would like share something you feel, you can simply post it from this software.
  • Inviting any people you want. You can invite your friends, family members or any that you needed to invite and talk to. So long as you get their email address or username.
  • You can integrate your social media account. The top is that you could unite your social media account in Kik for instance Facebook, Instagram and etc. You can share your status to these profiles too.
  • See your online friends. You can also view your friends should they be online or not. You can also see the status of the last time your friends visited the software.
  • Chat with the group. Are you presently getting fed up with sending messages to each and every single friends you have within your contact? Along with Kik messenger, it’s simple to have a single chat room and send a similar messages to several Just create a group chats and you just won’t will have any further one message to single person. It will be far more convenient to you.

Get your own Kik online account now so you can enjoy the benefits above.