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How to See New Updates at Offender Connect?

Do you want to visit an inmate but could not because of your busy schedule? Good news now is that you can create an account online with Offender Connect at It is a web portal created by Global Tel Link for the inmates inside to have an easy connect with their friends and family outside. What to do? The family and friends should register an account online in order to use this service.

How to see new services or the latest from Offender Connect?Offender Connect
a. For those who presently have an account on the web, ensure you often visit the “Terms of Use” and the “Your Privacy Rights” available at the top of the front page or within the Reference links provided. Do not forget to examine any special offers which will present you with discounts on drug prescriptions up to 75% off.
b. For individuals who are customers of Tennessee Department of Corrections, using your PIN debit card, it’s easy to have a deposit at If you need to utilize the phone account deposit, sign-up first an account.
Benefits associated with Applying Offender Connect Account
1. You may add a fund or money in the Offender Phone Account to continue the phone services provided by this system.
2. The My Phone Account permits the prisoner to call with a pre-paid account. This account is placed to have calls only on certain phone numbers.
3. If you desire to possess the prisoner a commissary account, use the Offender Trust Fund. Loved ones or a friend can provide money on this sort of account.
4. All the phone calls and emails in this system are facilitated and monitored by the admins for protection purposes.