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How to See New Updates at Offender Connect?

Do you want to visit an inmate but could not because of your busy schedule? Good news now is that you can create an account online with Offender Connect at It is a web portal created by Global Tel Link for the inmates inside to have an easy connect with their friends and family outside. What to do? The family and friends should register an account online in order to use this service.

How to see new services or the latest from Offender Connect?Offender Connect
a. For those who presently have an account on the web, ensure you often visit the “Terms of Use” and the “Your Privacy Rights” available at the top of the front page or within the Reference links provided. Do not forget to examine any special offers which will present you with discounts on drug prescriptions up to 75% off.
b. For individuals who are customers of Tennessee Department of Corrections, using your PIN debit card, it’s easy to have a deposit at If you need to utilize the phone account deposit, sign-up first an account.
Benefits associated with Applying Offender Connect Account
1. You may add a fund or money in the Offender Phone Account to continue the phone services provided by this system.
2. The My Phone Account permits the prisoner to call with a pre-paid account. This account is placed to have calls only on certain phone numbers.
3. If you desire to possess the prisoner a commissary account, use the Offender Trust Fund. Loved ones or a friend can provide money on this sort of account.
4. All the phone calls and emails in this system are facilitated and monitored by the admins for protection purposes.

Different Methods to Transfer Money to Texas Offender

Do you want to help someone you know inside the prison? You can eventually send TDCJ inmate money monthly. In this way, they can get a little comfort. There are products sold that they can buy anytime they want. Just make sure you include the details to which you want to send the money. How?image

  • By Sending Money. You are able to wire money selecting Western Union in Texas. There is a limit of simply how much you may send and that is exclusively nearly $200. The funds transfer will be send to the TDCJ Inmate Trust Fund using the code of TDCJ/TX.
  • Using You can use a cashier check and money order to the Inmate Trust Fund present in Huntsville, Texas. You can obtain a deposit slip on the perpetrator and afterwards integrate the payment with your mail envelope. You’ll have to post the money towards the “Inmate Trust Fund” with the entire Name and the number. The name could be the prisoner and the number would be the prisoner’s account number.
  • Through TDCJ Service Sites. You can discover three methods in mailing the money via TDCJ service websites. Simply create a profile totally free nevertheless you will see a service charge if you’re going to transfer You can use TouchPay, MoneyPak and websites. You should use your debit or credit card where the finance may come from.
  • By Checking Account. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice permits you to send money with depositing through the direct debited checking account. To begin a regular monthly deposit, simply send a voided check from your bank account that this money can come from and after that finish the ACH Credit form on the Inmate Trust Fund.

Want to know about prisoners? Just use the TDCJ inmate search on their website.

Postal Mail Picking Up Steps

You may not want for your mails and packages to be delivered at home. The post office has an option where you can pick up your mails during post office hours. All you need is to buy your own post office box. How to have this kind of service? Here are the tips that can help you with this process:image 3

a. For those who would like to pick up your mail in the postal service, you’ll have to find the right site of the post office it is sent. You should be very clear in places you will go to. There might be plenty of postal service close to you. You can check out the USPS web site and discover an area postal office you could communicate with and find out.
b. There are letters that will be labeled as certified or registered. This means that recipient is needed to use a personalized signature for the item. If you’re not in the house, the mail carrier will leave a note that he arrives at your door however you are not home. It is very important that you should know regardless of whether you should pick up the mail or it will be delivered later. Other reason behind failing to get your mail and needs to be pickup is that you are out of town at a certain time of delivery or they have perhaps shipped it on the former home address.
c. Ensure if you may pick up the mail, prevent landing on the incorrect line. There are occasions that the postal service is large that you can be hanging around in the wrong window. Make inquiries someone who are working at the workplace or a customer support what is the right window should you visit.
d. In the event you do not prefer getting a mail at your home, you’ll want to get your private post office box during USPS hours. The lease commonly ranges from six months with the smallest payment close to $10.

Pros of WV Regional Jail and Correctional Facility

Prisons are not the place most people like wanted to go like the WVRJA. This is the place where criminals are being punished or rehabilitate.  The prison system is created for the public safety and keeps the criminals in doing other crimes around the public. But as of the moment, there are prisoners who can also be a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. What are the pros of having prisons like WV Regional Jail and Correctional Facility?image 1


  1. This system allows to remove the criminals from other human population who might pose a threat. Once a criminal is caught, there will be charges to be weighed on trial and decided the punishment or rehabilitation needed. There will be prisoners who will serve time in prisons and there are also who might end up living a life time there.
  2. The best advantage of having a prison is keeping the offender from repeating the crime committed. Some ex-con will learn lesson and follow the la closely and don’t want to return to prison again. The prison has its rehabilitation system which helps them turn into a responsible citizen and get ready when the time comes they are freed to human population.
  3. The best about prison system in WVRJA is the rehabilitation center where a person who got addicted in drugs or alcohol can get help. This addition is difficult to get rid on your own, so the facilities inside the prison will help get through the process. The patient will be 24 hours under the care by professionals. It will help rebuild a new life for someone who lost the hope with addiction.

Without laws, human population may perish. That is why people are governed by laws and expected to follow them. For those who disobey will get punishment or rehabilitation in the form of prison system. You can visit West Virginia regional jail website at for more info about prisons.