How to Enroll at My Premier Credit Card?

Some people are not aware about the expenses they acquired of having a credit card. But with First Premier Bank, clients can register their card at online. In this way, they can track and manage the expenses they have using the credit card. This is to avoid bigger bills that an individual may have difficulty paying. Online account enables you also to pay bills. So once you have your premier credit card, you must register it online immediately.image2

What to get before signing up?

  1. You should pay the online service charge just one occasion that value $4.95 only.
  2.  You additionally have a computer with steady connection to the internet.

Enrollment Steps of Your Credit Card

  1.  Simply just open up your internet browser and next to visit to the internet site at Subsequently, whenever on the website, click the “Enroll” key so that you can initiate the enrollment method.
  2. Enter the details asked of the website upon you that features your complete name, account number, your SSS number, the card number, the expiration date, zip code of your billing address, phone number, the three digits number at the back.
  3. You must also establish your unique chosen account information. Email address contact info is essential so type in which you currently use.
  4. Now, just click “Continue”. You will get a affirmation email that contains info which you have easily made your profile.
  5.  You can right away login in your fresh account and look after it. When you aren’t presently a first timer, it is possible to ignore the signing up part and obtain your profile. Just sign in your username and password.

Having online account enables you to see updates anytime and manage your expenses and bills easily. So register now your card.

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