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How to Effectively Contact Hotmail Tech Support?

When you have problems with Hotmail, the technical team is just one email away. The team offers the best possible solution to your current issues. To use this feature, log in to Hotmail first. Sometimes there are confusion happening between user and a technical representative. For this not to happen, a user can use the following tips:image


You should make sure you inform them fully relating to the situation you are recently going through. When you send an email message ticket concerning the trouble towards the tech support, make sure to define well examples of the complications. Do not send a standard inquiry given that you will be provided a extended solution that may mix up you more. Have a text detailing the issues, when it started and how long you are dealing with it. It can be by including the guidelines of in which the difficulty arises.

Typically, do follow-up your inquiries. Even when Hotmail assures that they’re going to respond to each individual email they get, when you may not hear any result with them for a sensible time it shall be best to conduct some follow up. This is merely to make certain that they acquired your text. There are roughly a lot of customers and tech support might possibly lose your concerns.



Don’t send them an email automatically while you haven’t tried to fix the problem on your own. There is an assistance link which offers much data that will help fix your issue. It can be done all by you and whenever it does not assist, it’s easy to look for the assistance of the tech support team.

Don’t ignore any information and facts to your concern. Feature all the details about the issue on the tech support. Be certain to include your name, contact, the issue and the way you are trying to fix it.

Don’t give passwords. A customer representative of Hotmail will never ever ask for any private information of users.

What to Expect in the New Hotmail?

imagesYou can select many email services for you to create a personal email address. MSN Hotmail can be the option if you are looking for the best. There are many features which are already your reason of choosing Hotmail. Just create your own account now and explore the features below:

a. The new Hotmail is now aimed at reducing spam mail messages on your inbox and maintaining your email organized whenever you can. It’s not just your inbox but coupled with your contact list, social media updates and other more.
b. In Hotmail, you could toggle the correspondence history of your email utilizing this type of recipient. This can be if you do not choose to view it to be a thread. The option can be welcoming and resulted on reading through your messages simply.
c. The Sweep feature of Hotmail allows the user to get rid of and switch the messages quite easily on the specific sender. It is useful when the first is cleaning the inbox which includes removing emails and managing essential emails to folders.
d. It contains an exquisite means right now of handling attachments on emails. It has the addition of SkyDrive which is certainly no cost cloud storage space of Microsoft which has roughly 25 GB free. Users can easily put files or reports for around 10 GB per email. All attachments are placed on SkyDrive as well as a link is going to be delivered to the receiver. The records will appear much like precisely what the user needs.
e. SkyDrive is best since when Hotmail registers that this attachment includes photo or video, it enables the users to look at it on the email. In summary, when images are forwarded the person can watch by slideshow. Videos could be watched on the same page also.


Log in to Hotmail and see more features that you can enjoy in this email service.